3875 Waldo Avenue

3875 Waldo Avenue


Serving all segments of the 3875 Waldo Avenue community is its Joe Ennis Community Room, a dedicated space on the 5th floor with multiple features for various purposes.

  • Children's play area. Newly constructed is the vastChildren's play area children's play area, with special shelving to hold toys large and small, artwork areas for budding Picassos, and numerous freestanding toys for more robust tots. Because 3875 Waldo Avenue is home to an increasing number of young families, this feature has been immensely popular. It is overseen by the Parents Committee.

  • Exercise area. The existing exercise area within the JoeExercise area Ennis Community Room has been walled off for safety's and privacy's sake, with a locked door to keep the tots away. The exercise area features a wide variety of fitness equipment, including rowing machines, step machines, and "Universal" type weight lifting equipment.

  • Library area. A corner of the Joe Ennis Community Room isLibrary and chat area dedicated to relaxation and reading. A growing collection of books combine with comfy couches and lighting for quiet time.

  • Conference area. With large tables and folding chairs, this area allows a group to spread out, exhibit and discuss more serious matters. The corporation's shareholder meetings are held here.

Shareholders can use the Joe Ennis Community Room almost around the clock.

  • Click here for guidelines in using the Joe Ennis Community Room.
  • Click here to download a required application to reserve the community room for a party or other private event. Fill out the application, and mail it with the noted deposit amount to Metro Management Development Corp., 42-25 21st Street, Long Island City, NY 11101. NOTE: Private events must be approved in advance.

About Joe Ennis
—Joe was a long-time resident at 3875 Waldo Avenue, and served on its board for many years, including four years as board president. He selflessly and expertly helped guide the building through its formative years as a co-op. In gratitude, this room was dedicated to Joe by his fellow residents and shareholders, as well as the City Council of New York, in a special ceremony conducted by City Councilman Oliver Koppell, December 2007.

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